Hosted solutions from LSS are fully scalable and require no up-front investment - making them very low risk in a rapidly changing technology environment.
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When planning for any technology purchase, itís important to accurately estimate what you need today as well as two or three years from now.  This applies to processing power, storage capacity, software licensing and maintenance plans.  But with a hosted solution from LSS, you donít have to worry about any of that.

Consider this scenario.  A law firm bought a server that they thought would last five years.  But after only one year, they receive notice that their practice management software needs to be upgraded in order to get continued support.  They need to upgrade a key application, but their server doesnít meet the requirements of the new software.  The firm has two choices - either continue using the unsupported software (risky) or upgrade/replace their file server (costly). 

If the firm had been using a hosted solution from LSS, the updated software would be provided automatically, on a system that can run it efficiently Ė all as part of the monthly subscription fee.  The firm would always be using current software, continue to receive support, and not have to worry about server requirements and upgrades.

Hosted solutions from LSS are fully scalable and usually require no up-front investment Ė making them low risk in a rapidly changing technology environment.  This is just one of many reasons that more and more law firms are using hosted technology solutions from Legal Software Systems, Inc.


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