There are no up-front costs.  You don't need to buy servers, networks or applications.  All you need is a computer, a printer and an internet connection. 
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LSS Hosting Prices


  Law Firm
Monthly Hosting Subscription Fee: $79 per user   $129 per user
Virtual Network and Windows Desktops      
       Log in via the Internet  
       Accessible from PCs and Macs  
       Abundant Shared Network Storage  
Office Productivity      
       Microsoft Word  
       Microsoft Excel  
       Microsoft PowerPoint  
       Microsoft Outlook  
       Adobe Reader  
       PDF Creator Software  
       Microsoft Access optional   optional
       Access email from your Office 365 account  
       Mimecast Anti-Spam and Email Security  
Integrated Law Office Management Software      
       LSSe64 Time and Billing q  
       LSSe64 Electronic Billing q  
       LSSe64 Trust Accounting q  
       LSSe64 General Ledger q  
       LSSe64 Accounts Payable q  
       LSSe64 Workflow Management q  
       LSSe64 Document Management q  
       LSSe64 Calendar/Docket q  
       LSSe64 Conflict of Interest q  
       LSSe64 Contact Management q  
       LSSe64 Case Notes q  
       LSSe64 Records Management q  
Service and Support      
       Free Installation and Configuration  
       Personal Web-based Training  
       U.S.-based Technical Assistance  
       U.S.-based Operational Support  
       Live Toll-Free Telephone Support  
       Support via Email  
       Monthly Data Export Shipped to Customer  
       Software Assurance - Free Version Upgrades  
Enterprise-Class Servers      
       Powerful 64-bit Processors  
       Redundant, Hot Swappable, Solid State Disks  
       Redundant, Hot Swappable, Power Supplies  
       UPS Battery Backup Protection  
       Redundant Internet Connectivity  
       Off-site Backup  
       Symantec Anti-Virus Protection  
       Microsoft Windows Server  
       Microsoft Terminal Server  
       Microsoft SQL Server  

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