Postponing an important upgrade keeps a firm from being as productive and profitable as they could be otherwise. 
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Risk of Ownership


You buy a server, network operating system, applications, service contracts and dozens of other things that go with a major technology upgrade.  It’s an investment that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, with the anticipation that you’ll get a decent return over a three year period.  As with any investment, technology purchases come with a certain amount of risk.  But now, law firms have another option.

With a hosted solution from Legal Software Systems, Inc., you get access to a server, network operating system, Microsoft Office, Outlook, a fully-integrated LSSe64 Law Office Management System and the best customer support in the industry.  The initial financial investment is nearly zero, there is no long term commitment, and all you pay is a monthly subscription fee. 

Firms often delay much needed upgrades (to hardware and applications) because they can be expensive.  Or their last investment hasn’t made it to the “three year mark” they counted on.  In either case, postponing an important upgrade also keeps a firm from being as productive and profitable as they could be otherwise.  That is part of the risk associated with a technology purchase.

But with an LSS hosted solution, firms always have access to current applications, installed on systems that keep them running at top efficiency.  Upgrades to software and the underlying infrastructure are handled automatically, and it’s all part of the monthly subscription fee.

Before your next technology purchase, consider a risk-free subscription-based solution from LSS.


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