Keep those old workstations for a few more years.  Virtual desktops and applications all run on powerful servers at LSS.
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Extended Workstation Life


Your applications are running slower than ever, and some won’t even run at all.  You’re told that you need to buy new computers, upgrade operating systems and pay someone to reinstall and configure all your apps.  But with a hosted solution from Legal Software Systems, Inc. (“LSS”), you have another option.

With a hosted solution from LSS, applications are stored on an LSS server and network.  You access everything via the internet using a simple Remote Desktop Connection, so workstation requirements are minimal. 

You get a virtual desktop with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and the fully-integrated LSSe64 Law Office Management System for billing, accounting, case management and document management.  Yet the only thing running on your computer is a connection to the internet and the Remote Desktop application. 

Since virtual desktops and the actual applications are all running efficiently on powerful servers at LSS, you might be able to keep those old workstations for a few more years.


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