Most hosted solutions share some things in common - they are subscription based and accessed via the internet.  After that, the differences can be substantial.
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Comparing Solutions

Hosted solutions are not all the same, and it’s important to understand the differences.  What’s suitable for a sole practitioner may not be appropriate for a firm with several attorneys and staff.  While many vendors host single applications, LSS hosts comprehensive all-in-one solutions.

Hosted “applications” are often single purpose and limited in scope.  For example, a practice management application, a word processing application or an email application.  For a sole practitioner that doesn’t mind logging into several different applications throughout the day, uploading and downloading documents, or “linking” applications to one another, those types of solutions might be okay.

However, a busy firm with several attorneys and staff will need to work with multiple integrated applications simultaneously.  Seamlessly sharing data and files, using a Windows desktop interface similar to the one they are already familiar with.

In this case, a better solution might be a comprehensive hosted system that includes a Windows server, remote desktops, abundant storage, Microsoft Office, Outlook, and a fully-integrated Law Office Management System for billing, accounting, case management and document management.

All hosted solutions generally share a few things in common – they are subscription based, accessed via the Internet, and have little or no up-front cost.  After that however, the differences can be substantial. 

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