In addition to sophisticated offsite backup systems and redundant hardware components, LSS creates monthly backups of your data which are shipped directly to you.  
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Backups and Data Protection


As you move toward a paperless office environment, more of your valuable information is being stored electronically.  Documents, calendars and accounting data need to be backed up regularly.  With a hosted solution from LSS, you can rest assured that your data is well protected.

To protect data from general hardware failure, LSS servers are configured with redundant disk arrays, redundant power supplies, redundant power sources and uninterruptable power supplies.  If any one disk in an array fails, if a power supply fails or an electrical circuit trips, the system continues running with no interruption in service and no loss of data.  Failed drives and power supplies can be replaced on the fly, without ever downing a server. 

To protect against more serious problems, LSS utilizes a sophisticated disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape backup process.  Each evening, during off-peak hours, entire systems are backed up to a separate storage server.  The storage server is then backed up to tape cartridges that are taken off-site daily. 

Finally, and most importantly, LSS creates monthly backups of your data which are then shipped directly to you.  You get a copy of your documents as well as your accounting and case management data.  All are zipped, encrypted and password protected.  If anything catastrophic ever happens, you can still access all of your information from the last monthly backup.


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