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Managed servers, networks and an entire suite of integrated applications.  Designed specifically for law firms and now available on-line.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

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Remote Office Connectivity

For small businesses with multiple offices, one of the most difficult IT tasks is finding a way to seamlessly connect users across a single network.  The goal is for everyone, regardless of location, to have the same functionality and secure access to information as everyone else in the company - without spending a fortune.  A hosted system from LSS is the perfect solution for companies with two or more offices.    



For a busy law firm, system performance is critical.  If you've tried hosted applications in the past and found their performance lacking, or if your own network is holding you back, a hosted system from LSS may be the solution you need.  Sign up for a free trial and experience a level of performance you may not be aware was attainable at such an affordable price.


Keeping Current

Remember when you could buy a computer system and expect it to do everything you needed for the next five years?  Thatís not the case anymore.  Operating systems, messaging systems, office applications and practice management software are being updated continuously.  Hosted systems from LSS provide a simple and cost effective way to keep current and stay productive.



You need a system that is easy and efficient to use, but lets you work from the office, from home or while travelling.  Web-based applications are highly mobile, but not very efficient.  A hosted solution from LSS offers another option Ė providing the mobility and efficiency that a busy law firm requires.



A hosted solution from LSS lets law firms use what they need, and pay for what they use.  Just like an electric utility, usage can increase or decrease from one month to the next.  Or like cable and satellite TV, package selections can be changed whenever necessary or cancelled altogether.


Going Green

By using a hosted technology solution from Legal Software Systems, Inc. (ďLSSĒ), law firms no longer need their own file servers.  Each hosted server at LSS can support dozens of law firms concurrently.  For every law firm using a hosted solution, one less server computer needs to be manufactured, packaged, delivered, powered and eventually disposed of.  


Extended Workstation Life

Your applications are running slower than ever, and some wonít even run at all.  Youíre told that you need to buy new computers, upgrade operating systems and pay someone to reinstall and configure all your apps.  But with a hosted solution from Legal Software Systems, Inc. (ďLSSĒ), you have another option.


Law Firm Software and Macs

Macs are great computers.  But finding good practice management software that runs on a Mac can be difficult.  Thatís one of the reasons many law firms turn to a hosted solution from LSS.



When planning for any technology purchase, itís important to accurately estimate what you need today as well as two or three years from now.  This applies to processing power, storage capacity, software licensing and maintenance plans.  But with a hosted solution from LSS, you donít have to worry about any of that.


Comparing Solutions

Hosted solutions are not all the same, and itís important to understand the differences.  Whatís suitable for a sole practitioner may not be appropriate for a firm with several attorneys and staff.  While many vendors host single applications, LSS hosts comprehensive all-in-one solutions.


Risk of Ownership

You buy a server, network operating system, applications, service contracts and dozens of other things that go with a major technology upgrade.  Itís an investment that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, with the anticipation that youíll get a decent return over a three year period.  As with any investment, technology purchases come with a certain amount of risk.  But now, law firms have another option.


Backups and Data Protection

As you move toward a paperless office environment, more of your valuable information is being stored electronically.  Documents, calendars and accounting data need to be backed up regularly.  With a hosted solution from LSS, you can rest assured that your data is well protected.



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